Unique Product Label Types and When to Use Them

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Unique Product Label Types and When to Use Them

In today’s constantly changing and highly competitive modern market, original and high-quality product labels are crucial for your business. Not only do well-designed product labels serve to promote your product and communicate important information to consumers, but they are also essential for strengthening your unique brand identity. Product labels for consumer commodities come in a variety of “types,” each with distinct features. Here we will discuss how to differentiate between these types of product labels and understand which works best for your company’s products.

7 Unique Label Types and Their Uses

Prime Labels

Prime labels are the main labels placed on your product container or packaging. Prime labels act as the principal identifier of your product by conveying information about your brand and this specific product. Because prime labels influence your consumer’s first impression of your product(s), they are designed to showcase your brand with eye-catching colors, specialized fonts, and other unique visual elements. The design of these labels will usually remain consistent across your product offerings to solidify your brand identity. There are many enhancements that may be used on prime labels to make each stand out, such as foil stamps, matte or gloss finishes, tactile varnishes, and other specialty coatings and features to boost shelf appeal and attract consumers.

Specialty Die-Cut Labels

Specialty die-cut labels refer to labels with unique shapes or outlines that highlight the uniqueness of a product for branding and/or marketing purposes. The die-cutting process involves using specialized tools and equipment to create customized shapes for product labels so they can be seamlessly applied to containers and packages with unusual shapes or label panels. Specialty die-cut labels provide products with a one-of-a-kind look that supports your brand’s individual identity and engages consumers visually. These unique labels can be made relevant to any industry — from food and beverage to health and beauty — and they can be used for nearly any product or purpose, including promotional materials.

Dry Peel Labels

Dry peel labels feature adhesive backs so that they may be peeled away and removed from the product container or package at any time. The adhesive is strong enough to temporarily hold the label in place, but it can easily be removed so consumers can access information beneath it. These labels are ideal for redeemable coupons and products such as over-the-counter medications, where you can peel off the ingredients list to read the instructions below.

Fold Out Labels

Fold out labels are composed of a single substrate material that is folded and stacked like an accordion, so consumers may unfold the label to read additional text. They are intended for products with packages that may be too small to accommodate information needed to meet legal guidelines and instruct consumers on how to use the product. Fold out labels typically accompany the primary label placed on the product package. They are often used for displaying government-required information, product instructions, promotional campaigns or coupons, and multilingual text information.

Reseal Labels

Reseal labels are designed to allow consumers to open a product container or package and then reseal it, so the contents stay fresh for subsequent uses. These labels offer multiple benefits, particularly for food and beauty products. They feature a tamper-proof seal to ensure the products have not been opened and create a moisture barrier that extends shelf life. Reseal labels are popular for snack foods, salads, deli meats, dairy products, baked goods, and personal care products (such as ready-to-use facial wipes).

Expandable Reseal Booklets

Expandable reseal booklets combine the features of fold out labels and reseal labels, meaning they can accommodate additional content beyond what is possible on the product package itself. They also adhere to the package, so they may be saved in a convenient location for later reference. These labels can be used in a variety of industries, but they are most commonly used for medical and pharmaceutical products to display detailed safety information, instructions for use, dosage information, or multiple languages.

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