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Our mainstay as a flexographic printing company for over 50 years, the flexographic label printing process utilizes water-based and UV inks at higher press speeds than digital printing – allowing us to offer you a more competitive price point for larger runs.

What Are Flexographic Labels?

Flexographic – or “flexo” – labels are an ideal label for many different consumer products. Flexo labels allow a level of customization that other printing options simply do not. This process involves applying UV or water-based ink to a label substrate using flexible printing plates mounted on rapidly rotating cylinders. This cost-efficient, high-speed production capability makes flexographic printing the perfect printing process for high-quality labels.

Flexographic printers can print on a variety of substrates, including most non-porous materials. Satisfactory and adaptable for most labeling and packaging needs, flexo labels can then be used for a range of mass-produced goods. Flexo labels are also suitable for labeling purposes subject to government regulations.

Flexographic Label Printing Applications

With flexographic label printing from Royal Label, you can print large runs for a low cost. We make flexo labels an efficient, practical, and economic choice. From pharmaceutical products and medical devices to barcodes and cosmetic goods and everything in between, there are many uses for our durable flexographic labels. However, common flexographic label printing applications include warning labels, food labels, nutrition labels, and beverage labels.

Due to their durability, customizability, and quick turnaround, flexographic labels are ideal for a range of consumer goods and suitable for various label and packaging types, including:

  • Flexible packets
  • Multi-ply labels
  • Shrink sleeve labels
  • Pressure-sensitive labels
  • Double-sided labels
  • Sample pouches
  • Product tags,
  • And more!

How Does Flexo Label Printing Work?

So, what is flexographic printing? Just like other printing methods, flexo labels are created when ink is transferred from a printer to a substrate material. Flexographic label printing is achieved by transferring UV or water-based ink using flexible printing plates. These plates are made from rubber, UV-sensitive polymer, or another plastic and are mounted on high-speed rotating cylinders.

Flexible printing plates are what allow for the extraordinary customization enjoyed by flexo label designers and product creators alike. These plates deliver the precision of color shading using dots instead of solid images, as well as detailed graphic elements and small text sizes. During the printing process, ink applied to the plates contacts the substrate surface and imprints your label design. In this way, flexographic label printing allows you to achieve a much sharper, clearer image than almost any other printing process.

Once the colors are printed on the label substrate, the flexographic printing machine will apply various coatings to finish the process. If UV ink is used, it is cured under a special lamp, allowing for nearly immediate drying, as well as superior color and sharpness preservation. After the labels are printed, they must be cut to fit the unique project at hand. Bladed cylinders cut the material in the desired shape, leaving the excess ready for easy removal.

Flexographic Printing Capabilities

As one of the best custom label manufacturers in the Northeast, Royal Label’s flexograph label printer capabilities include:

  • Flexograph label printer
  • In-house art department and plate making
  • Up to seven colors
  • Narrow 6.5″ web width for shorter runs
  • Wider 13″ web widths for larger runs
  • UL/CSA/ROHS compliant materials
  • Custom and PMS color matching
  • Five decades of cutting tools
  • Sheet or roll labels for automatic application or for use through thermal transfer printers

Our flexo labeling services enable you to purchase high-quality large runs on time at a competitive price. You can create your ideal color scheme with precision by printing with up to seven shades at a time. We also offer custom and PMS (Pantone Matching System) color matching to ensure you receive the correct desired color. PMS also allows the printer to perfectly replicate your label multiple times, eliminating the potential for color discrepancies among labels.

As a flexographic printing company, Royal Label’s in-house art department can guide you through the flexo design process and ensure you receive the label you envisioned. Together, we can create a label that perfectly represents your brand and your product.

Our in-house art department creates each set of printing plates, which are an essential part of the flexo printing process. By producing these plates in-house, Royal Label can keep our services time and cost-effective for you. Not all label printing companies offer in-house plates, but this service reduces the cost and turnaround time needed to receive your order by eliminating a third-party vendor.

Why Royal Label?

We are proud to be a second-generation, family-owned, Boston label printing company. Being family-operated means we deliver exceptional customer service, flexibility, and personal care other companies cannot. We know your time is precious, and we are here to be the flexographic printing company you can depend on.

As one of the first label printers in the Northeast to offer advanced label-printing technology, we can help you ensure your labels are GMP-compliant. Our printing procedures are audited by several medical device and pharmaceutical companies, including Genzyme, Johnson & Johnson, and Phillips & Baxter. Our satisfied clients include food and beverage giants like Samuel Adams and Keurig, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and many more.

With our flexographic printing solutions, Royal Label can offer fast turnarounds with zero defects. Our computerized inspection process guarantees your label is perfectly created and replicated with each and every print. Our accuracy is matched by the efficiency of our flexo process. We can often turn around your short to medium-run label order within days. Contact Royal Label to inquire about our one-day turnaround service or to schedule weekly or monthly printings.

To learn more about how we can develop flexographic labels for you, please contact Marychristine Clifford at 1-617-825-6050 Ext. 105 or send email to [email protected].

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