Prepress Printing Services Saving Time and Money

Ensure your custom label is perfect – let us design it for you.

Prepress Printing Services

Whether you need one color or seven, Royal Label’s in-house art department can design a custom label that meets your exact application.

Our pre press printing services include working with your existing files or assisting in setting copy. Our art department can work with the following programs:


File Information
You MUST include all LINKED files used in creating the document. Include a copy of every support file used in the document. Always keep a copy of your file(s). Please do not send your only copy. The recommended and preferred method is to change all text to paths (convert to outlines). This takes away any font issues and prevents you from having to send along fonts with the files as well as speeds up production.

Font Information
Please send all SCREEN and PRINTER fonts used in the document. Do not overlook fonts used in place of files within the document. Fonts are not required for text that has been converted to outlines (paths). Please note that converted text is no longer editable text. Fonts embedded in a PDF are good for viewing in Acrobat only; we still need the fonts sent to us.

Color information
Please specify PANTONE colors or process colors wherever possible. If available, it’s helpful to include a hard copy (color proof) with colors assigned along with your file.

Accepted storage media
CDs: CD-R or CD-RW

Sending electronic files
Email: Our email address is [email protected]
We can accept StuffIt Deluxe compressed files and Zip files. Compressing the file will help prevent corruption when emailing. Note: when emailing, be specific in your subject line and if you have a Royal sales rep, please specify his or her name in your email.

Additional information
Please include special instructions for your file. A composite color proof or PDF is very helpful. These paper proofs and a PDF let us verify what is on the disk or emailed file. It’s also helpful to include the directory showing the files on your disk if they’re numerous.

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