Five Holiday Product Packaging Ideas to Help Better Brand Your Business

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Five Holiday Product Packaging Ideas to Help Better Brand Your Business

At the height of the busiest shopping season of the year, the holidays are a great time to establish your brand. One way to make your brand stand out this season is with holiday product packaging. Don’t waste the opportunity to communicate a message to your customers. By making a memorable impression, they will return to your business when it’s time to order again.

With today’s retail market vastly existing online, there are fewer opportunities for brick-and-mortar interactions with customers. The best way to make a meaningful and lasting impression is with your holiday packaging. Here are five holiday packaging ideas to make your shipping orders magical and put a genuine smile on your customers’ faces. By adding a little flair or customized décor to your holiday product packaging, you will not only spread extra cheer to your customers, but they will remember the experience the next time they need your product.

A Festive Feel

The first tip from our list of holiday packaging ideas is to brighten up your products with a festive label or packaging. This is a best practice if you are selling a seasonal product that ships in a box. Incorporate your business logo into the design and add an element of surprise for your customer’s unboxing experience. Perhaps the packaging may even get reused to wrap a gift or package items that will transfer to another location, recreating the experience again and providing some free advertising at the same time!

An alternative to this is custom-printed paper or custom-fitted sticker labels that you can insert into your packing containers or apply to the interior or exterior of your boxes.

‘Tis the Season for Décor

Decorative Christmas packaging can be applied to items that ship in envelope-style mailers, as well. Specifically, products that ship wrapped in tissue paper or a plastic outer bag, such as clothing or other soft items, offer the perfect opportunity to add a decorative touch to the wrapping. Seal the paper or plastic wrapping with a die-cut custom sticker that features your logo with a holiday décor design laid over your company logo. To make an even bigger impression, select gold or patterned paper that will complement your sticker style.

A Free Gift

It’s the season of giving, so why not give your customers a bonus gift when they order? Offering a “free surprise” with all orders not only entices buyers to make a purchase but also makes the unboxing experience more memorable. Again, this will ensure they remember your business later down the road. You should always look for simple ways to embed your logo, company, products, and services into your customers’ minds. There are a lot of eCommerce businesses out there, so making yours stand out from the rest is key to securing repeat customers.

The free surprise can also be an actual product from your shop, a coupon or discount order for future orders, or even branded items. Consider using store merchandise such as logo sticker labels that can be applied to your products or that represent your brand or product.

You can have multiple variations of the sticker label printed and rotate them out as seasonal packaging is prepared for shipping. Custom seasonally themed “thank you” stickers that showcase a company’s logo are also a common gift that businesses add to packaging to show appreciation for their customers.

Keepsake Packaging

Package your seasonal or holiday product in a collectible box or tin. By transforming your holiday packaging into a keepsake, you make an additional gift out of the packaging itself. People love to reuse special items like keepsake tins. So, make your customers happy when they open a package from your business and see a custom sticker label on a box they can reuse with their purchase inside. It’s these subtle touches that consumers appreciate and remember. Attention to detail is imperative when planning your holiday product packaging.

The Earlier, the Better

Finally, we recommend you plan early by brainstorming ideas for holiday packaging design in advance, so you can plan and order supplies as necessary. Perhaps you can plan out your seasonal product packaging for the entire year and order custom packaging supplies for every season or holiday, depending on your busiest times for shipping.

If you’re thinking about adding a decorative or surprise element to your holiday packaging, let Royal Label print your custom sticker order or Christmas packaging labels. We offer high-quality printing on a variety of paper styles. Visit our website and get a quote for your household or consumer label needs today.

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