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Custom Printed Labels for Industrial Applications

Specializing in UL, CSA, ROHS, and CE Compliant Industrial Labels

Need a label to last the life of your product or to withstand the elements? We recommend rugged, durable, silkscreened or flexographic labels.

Please contact Royal Label, one of the top industrial label printing companies, for a list of UL, CSA approved materials, which include Mylars, Lexans, and UL Litho, among others. We can also meet technical approval requirements such as Underwriter Laboratories and the Canadian Standards Association.

About Our Silkscreened Labels

Silkscreened labels use a treated screen to transfer a durable ink directly onto the label substrate. Depending on the number of colors and the amount of detail needed, several screens may be necessary to complete the label. The result is a heavy-duty label that can withstand the most extreme conditions.

Our silkscreened labels can be washed, submerged, and stored outdoors in all conditions. They stand up to weathering due to sun exposure as well as physical and chemical abrasions. Silkscreen is also excellent at handling heat and can endure high temperatures produced by machinery, manufacturing processes, or other industrial applications. Best of all, these high-temperature labels are fade-resistant, no matter the conditions.

Choose silkscreened labels if you require a label that stands up to repeated washings, weathering outdoors, chemical spills, and abrasion abuse. Silkscreened labels can be made UL and CSA approved and are GMP, ROHS, and CE label compliant, perfect for applications ranging from medical devices and industrial equipment to machinery. Practical applications include OSHA, safety, hazard, and warning adhesive labels, as well as static cling and window decals.

About Our Flexographic Labels

Flexographic printing specializes in larger runs completed quickly to ensure your lead times are met. The benefits of flexographic printing lies in how cost effective it is to print higher volumes once initial setup is completed.

Numerous inks are available for flexographic labels, as well as UL and CSA approved and ROHL and CE label substrates, to ensure your regulatory labels will last as long as your machinery. Choose sheet or roll labels, or thermal print directly on the surface. With flexographic labels, simply inform us of your application needs, and we will formulate the perfect ink, substrate, and adhesive combination to provide maximum performance no matter the industry.

In addition to adaptability, flexographic labels give you complete control over the finished product. With widths ideal for short or long runs, in-house design and plate making, and precise color matching, it’s easy to be sure your labels comply.

Industrial Adhesive Labels That Withstand the Extremes

The industrial custom labels we produce can withstand the following industrial “challenges”:

  • Temperature extremes. Whether your heat resistant labels need to withstand temperatures of -80°C or 500°C, we can develop a label to meet your application. In addition, the industrial product line includes labels that can stand up to abrasion, harsh chemicals, and other physical and chemical heat exposure. Our extreme temperature labels will meet the temperature demands of any industrial application, including wave and ultrasonic solder processes, infrared ovens, paint block, printed circuit boards, and other electronic component identification.
  • Surface adhesion. Whether it’s a powder-coated surface, recessed area, or a tight radius, we’ll work with you to find an adhesive to meet your needs. Our rugged and durable industrial label selection guarantees adhesion to multiple surfaces, allowing you to utilize a single label type for many applications. Also, adhesion remains strong even after years of weathering, heat exposure, and physical abrasion. These heavy-duty labels will withstand the rigors of industrial applications that feature grimy, dusty, or oily surfaces such as metal and steel manufacturing.

Are you ready to put our industrial silkscreened or flexographic labels to the test? We’ll consult with you to begin finding the ideal industrial labeling solution for your extreme temperature label or surface adhesion specifications. Contact us at (617) 825-6050, Ext. 105 or request a free quote today.

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