Custom Label Printing Services

Royal Label specializes in meeting the labeling requirements of any individual, business, or organization with completely customizable designs. We understand that every product has its own unique labeling needs, and Royal Label can meet those needs with the highest quality materials. 

Our company is an industry leader in product label printing. We have the printing capabilities to produce however many labels you need, from a small batch to thousands. Below you can view a portfolio of just how many products we have created labels for.

In our portfolio, you may take note of some of the bright and colorful labels affixed to a variety of different products. The prepress printer services we offer include using our art department to create designs or working with your business to use your own specified images. The high-quality digital printing capabilities are on full display below.

Types of Labels We Print

Royal Label meets the labeling requirements of all kinds of industries. 

Pharmaceutical labels are especially scrutinized so that consumers are aware of all the benefits and risks of using medicinal products. With medicine and other pharmaceutical items, specific information must be present on labels. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or other regulatory agencies strictly enforce these product label requirements. Both doctors and patients alike need to know the proper dosage, usage, and time intervals between doses. Side effects and potential drug interactions should also be noted. Royal Label will create customizable labels so that all information is listed to keep patients safe in easy-to-read formats.

Instructions for use (IFU) are a major part of labeling, especially when labeling medical devices. For designing medical device labels, it is important to remember that all the pertinent information about the device is attached to its product. A patient must understand exactly how to use a device to avoid potentially harmful disasters from unclear instructions. When someone’s safety is at stake, trusting an expert labeling company is the best option.

Labeling beauty and cannabis products are two other industries Royal Label specializes in, along with food and beverage, industrial, retail, and more. Whether your target market is the young artist or the business professional, a customized label will set the right tone!

Label Capabilities

The materials used when creating labels for consumer products depend on the object’s shape, texture, and size. Other factors that must be considered are the temperature the product will be stored at, the means of shipping, and what is being contained inside the container. This especially comes into play with food packaging labels. For example, some food products need to stay refrigerated, and labels need to function in this environment. If the material cannot withstand the cold, it may chip or crack. The same can be true for products that must travel over long distances in hot climates as the wrong materials can melt.

Royal Label will print thorough UL, CSA, and ROHS labels, so your company never has to worry about compliance. When your business must design a product label that is UC compliant, Royal Label will make sure all appropriate symbols, issue numbers, and serial numbers are in plain sight and easy to read. Below you can see examples of labels with thorough information that meets the requirements of any regulating body. 

We are confident that we can take care of all your custom label printing needs — our portfolio speaks for itself! Customization is the key to our business, and we understand that if the label is the face of your product, it is often the first thing a potential consumer sees and works to entice and inform anyone who looks at it. 

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Royal's processes are built from a foundation of over 60 years of experience and hundreds of customer audits. We look forward to working with your QA team and aim to fulfill all healthcare professionals’ expectations and regulatory requirements.