What You Need To Know for 2019 About the Growing Cannabis Industry in Massachusetts

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changes to the cannabis industry 2019

What You Need To Know for 2019 About the Growing Cannabis Industry in Massachusetts

With 2019 underway the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) has committed to address any issues concerning the expanding cannabis industry in Massachusetts. There are many facets the CCC needs to consider with this budding but already flourishing new industry. Despite what many might think, the recriminalization of cannabis in MA is much more than just opening recreational and medical pot shops.  

The main goal of the CCC is to implement best practices that ensure the budding pot market is both safe and inclusive for everyone from consumer to shop owner to investors. Read one to learn more about the specific challenges the CCC faces in 2019, and how the cannabis industry as a whole is responding to them. 

Keeping Cannabis Green – Sustainability Measures for Shop Owners and Growers

To start, The Energy and Environmental arm of the CCC is focused on best management practices to ensure the cannabis industry in MA stays eco-friendly. Limits have been set for what is said to be very “energy-intense” marijuana cultivation in the state. The eventual large-scale cultivation facilities will have to comply with 80 percent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

With this strict emissions goal set, many companies are going to have to look into the best ways to reduce as much emissions as possible. One way to do this is using an eco-friendly and sustainable means of packing the products for sale. There can be a lot of paper and plastics involved with packing cannabis products.  Royal Label is 100% solar powered and offer recycable products to our customers. When you use us as your main cannabis product packaging company, you can trust your labels and packaging will be green and eco-friendly. 

Public Awareness Campaigns to Spread Knowledge about Cannabis

On top of improving energy efficiency, The Commission also introduced the “More About Marijuana” public awareness campaign to help prevent underage access to marijuana products and promote responsible use among adults. Currently, this public awareness campaign aims to educate youth about the consequences of drug use and emphasizing that cannabis use should be restricted to adults largely for medical purposes.  

There is a second phase of the campaign that is beginning to launch now, putting more of an emphasize on compliance with state laws and other regulatory fields. This campaign directly ties into how cannabis shops and companies need to properly label their products so that kids know cannabis products are for adult use only.  

Ensuring Cannabis Label & Packaging Standards Are Met

There are many guidelines and regulation surrounding the labeling and packaging of cannabis products in MA. One of the main rules stipulated by the CCC is making sure all products are sealed in child resistant containers or packaging. This means all products must be in child proof packaging when they leave the cannabis store, as well as be sealed in what’s known as an exit bag. On top of this child resistant packaging, the CCC also restricts the type of designs cannabis companies can use on their packaging to prevent companies from marketing to minors. This means all label designs must not try to directly market to or entice kids into buying the products. 

On top of all this, there are font size guidelines companies just adhere to, to make sure all printed labels display the text large enough for people to properly read any instructions or use and serving sizes.  

Cannabis Labeling in Massachusetts with Royal Label

Overall, there are many state regulations that dictate what can and cannot go on a cannabis label and how that information is presented. Here at Royal Label, we are experts in all state and industry specific regulations and can help guide you through the entire labeling printing process. From designs to print run, we are there every step of the way to make sure your label and packaging is up to standards. We have been proudly serving the New England community at large since 1959 and are committed to helping improve our state as a whole. We also ship internationally, as well as adhere to specific state regulations. Contact us today for a free consultation on how our company can help with all your label printing needs!

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