How To Design a Successful Household Product Label

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How To Design a Successful Household Product Label

You may not think much about it, but a lot goes into creating effective and aesthetically pleasing household product labels. Even more so than many other products, household cleaners and chemicals have important factors to consider before designing a label — product label printing is rarely a one-size-fits-all process!

For one, the aesthetic appeal is far from the only area that matters, although it is still an important one. Naturally, a brand must succeed at capturing consumer attention. A drab or generic label isn’t going to stand out like the brand would have hoped, leading consumers to overlook it and move along to the next more eye-catching household product. While a sleek and interesting appearance won’t ensure a brand’s success, it is still an important way to capture consumer attention from the start.

Aside from your label’s appearance (and its ability to meet all the necessary product label requirements), the material and finish of a household product label are especially vital. If one of these isn’t durable enough, the product’s chemicals may wear down and degrade the label over time.

With that said, let’s look at some of the core tenets of designing a successful household product label, from cleaning products to beauty product labels!

Ensuring the Durability of Household Product Labels

So, we’ve established that household product labels need to be durable. But, how can this be accomplished in practice? To begin, there’s actually several approaches someone can take to a label’s durability. Further, depending on the product in question, the best choice could vary. First, ensure that the ink and substrate you use can withstand a variety of external agents. Most commonly, this will include chemicals from within the product, water, and even sunlight. So long as the product will encounter an external agent during regular use, you’ll need to account for this whenever you’re creating the label.

Think of it this way: ultimately, your goal should be to have the product identity look the same at disposal as it did at the time of purchase. So, what other techniques can allow household product suppliers to create successful labels for consumer products?

For one, you may consider either laminating or over-laminating your label. Currently, this is a popular strategy in the world of household product labels, as it can effectively protect the graphic. In addition to the gloss labels that you might be used to, many brands are also beginning to incorporate matte or luster finishes.

It’s generally a wise idea to top-coat your household product labels for the sake of durability. Through top coating, you’ll help allow for more efficient ink absorption. You’ll also be shielding your label against potential scuffing or marks.

Over time, shrink materials are becoming more and more popular. These are fantastic for decorating household products, seeing as they are sub-printed. This allows shrink materials to be remarkably resistant to any chemical overspill that could occur due to the product itself. Plus, they can also protect labels against a number of environmental conditions.

Finally, films can be used to provide moisture resistance, as well as squeezability and conformability. Films can also aid in creating a smooth surface and strong graphic impact, all while retaining a high strength, even at low calipers.

Adhering to Legislation and Compliance

Keep in mind that you can’t simply put any content you’d like onto your household product label. Rather, there are a few legislative standards that you’ll have to adhere to. To ensure that household product labels aren’t deceptive to consumers, there’s a few key pieces of information you will need to include:

  • A statement that identifies the commodity (for example, a detergent).
  • The name of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor, as well as the place of business.
  • The net quantity of the product’s contents (regarding weight, measure, or numerical count, as appropriate).

Importantly, all of these elements will need to be clearly placed on the label for consumers to find. At Royal Label, we understand exactly what makes an effective and practical household product label. If you’re looking for a reliable custom label service, then we’ve got you covered. 
Ready to get started on your next project? We’re glad to have you! Simply get in contact with us through our site.

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