How to Balance Print Label Production Costs With Sustainability: New England Biolabs Case Study

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How to Balance Print Label Production Costs With Sustainability: New England Biolabs Case Study

Achieving Sustainability Through Recycling 

Many product-based businesses face constraints when it comes to balancing production cost with sustainability; investing in eco-friendly raw materials doesn’t have to come at an additional expense, but the exchange results in a better solution for the environment. Royal Label undertakes every project with the goal of meeting performance expectations while remaining on or under budget. We understand that modern product manufacturers rely on efficiency and accuracy for their labeling orders, and Royal Label offers a zero-defect label printing process with every order. 

We were able to reduce the impact on New England Biolabs products through the use of Post Consumer Waste labels. See testimonial below from a satisfied customer. 

New England Biolabs’ goal with the design of the Monarch Purification product line was to offer scientific researchers a more sustainable alternative to their current laboratory purification kits. Care was taken in every detail of the kit design to minimize environmental impact – from reducing the amount of plastic used in the kits to selecting 100% post-consumer waste-based boxes to choosing recycled label stock.  The ability to source high quality, post-consumer waste label stock from Royal Label helped us to achieve our goal of designing a more sustainable product line without sacrificing durability and integrity, both especially important in the laboratory setting. The fact that Royal Label is 100% solar powered is an added bonus!-New England Biolabs. 

Royal Label is proud of the success of the Monarch Purification product line project and is available to handle labeling orders for any industry. The zero-defect promise from Royal Label ensures accuracy and the highest possible quality with any order. 

Royal Label Offers a Wide Range of Sustainable Labeling Printing Services 

Royal Label is a 100% solar powered, full-service label printing specializing in Flexographic, Digital and Silk Screen labels. Some of the industry specific services Royal Label offers include: 

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device labels-from clinical trials up to manufacturing in our fully compliant GMP facility. Processes are documented from order entry through shipping. 
  • Consumer labels: POS, Beauty and Health Care;  ensuring your product stands out from the competition. 
  • Industrial Labels: heavy duty labels to last the life of the product through rugged use, chemicals and temperature extremes.
  • Labels for the Medical Cannabis Industry – This includes marijuana labels, cannabis labels, CDB, Tincture and  marijuana compliance labels. Manufacturers in this industry face very strict regulations and ensure compliance with every medical cannabis labeling order.
  • Silkscreen Labels – Royal Label provides specialized silkscreen label printing services. 

Royal Label also believes in sustainable business practices and are always looking for opportunities to recycle and reduce raw material waste whenever possible. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure we meet their labeling expectations while simultaneously reducing environmental harm.  

If your business is looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of your operations, Royal Label can help. Our sustainable labeling services ensure 100% post-consumer waste materials in various applications. Contact us today to learn more about how our labeling services can reduce your company’s carbon footprint at a reasonable price.

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