Everything You Need to Know About Sustainable Labels

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Everything You Need to Know About Sustainable Labels

Eco-friendly product labels tell your customers that by purchasing your products, they’re making a more eco-conscious and sustainable choice. Some customers buy products solely because they know that by using products with eco-friendly labels and environmentally friendly packaging, they are preserving nature. A label that informs the consumer about the product’s reduced impact on the planet can drive them to the decision to purchase your products over a competitor’s.

Millennials and Gen Z are notorious for using their purchasing power to support brands that invest in ethical practices like environmental sustainability. Boosting your image through the use of eco-friendly product labels can help build customer loyalty within this powerful buying bloc. When customers realize that your company promotes economic responsibility and awareness, they will look to you first.

The more you embrace the eco-friendly angle the more your brand contributes to the healing of the planet while simultaneously winning over environmentally conscious customers. From the experts at Royal Label, here is everything you need to know about sustainable labeling.

What Is a Sustainable Label?

A sustainable label can be defined as any labeling on your product that testifies to the product’s attention to safety for the environment in comparison to others. In other words, sustainable product labels use special symbols meant to inform the reader that the product is better for the environment than a competing product. Many give the story of how the customer’s purchase of the product influences the state of the world, such as using less plastic or recycled materials or wasting less water.

Beyond communicating your brand’s eco-friendly values to your customers, sustainable labels can reduce your impact on the environment. The use of eco-friendly adhesive, for example, limits the number of toxins that leach into our soil and water. Similarly, recyclable labels repurpose materials instead of requiring more resources to print new labels. Your brand could also consider sustainable labeling that can easily be removed from glass bottles and jars so your customers can repurpose your packaging to promote reusing materials.

Benefits of Choosing Sustainable Labeling

Many customers want environmentally sound products. By utilizing sustainable labels, you can inform your customers about how their purchasing actions are directly impacting the state and health of our planet. Employing the services of a sustainable label maker can bolster your company image quickly.

Your brand’s commitment to green product labeling can help convey the image of health and environmental consciousness to the consumer. Maintaining an image of eco-friendliness through the regular use of an environmentally-conscious sticker or packaging can improve your company’s reputation and influence product popularity. This is due to an increasing number of potential consumers making their purchasing decisions based on the environmental impact of the options available.

Communicating the mission and intentions of your company with the use of sustainable label makers like Royal Label can increase customer loyalty and help promote a greener, healthier, and more responsible image for your company.

Tips for Printing Sustainable Labeling

There are some easy tips to follow when your business is ready to invest in sustainable labels. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Be Obvious. When you have sustainable labels printed to use for your green and eco-friendly products, you want them to be as obvious as possible. Catch the customer’s eye by using creative sustainable materials to print your labels. Focus on recycled paper, or mention that your label, like your product, uses reduced resources during production.
  • Include the Customer. Did you make an effort to utilize reusable packaging? Do you want customers to learn more about your sustainable efforts? Use easily removable labels and provide instructions for reuse right on your label. Or, print a QR code with advanced information the customer can access from a smartphone.
  • Be Specific. Be as specific as possible about how your product is environmentally conscious. If your product uses less water than others, less plastic, or is made using recycled materials, say so. The customer wants to be informed, and they want to learn more about products that they think will help promote responsibility and health.
  • Stay in Compliance. Certain eco-label claims must be backed by compliance with EPA regulations. Speak with your label maker regarding the proper symbols and criteria necessary to establish your product as “environmentally preferable.” Then, prominently include this information on your sustainable label.

The Importance of Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty can be strengthened when you use green labels to showcase the responsible practices you use to create a better and healthier world for us all. Earth-friendly certifications for your company can also help boost your company image while leading them to purchase more items from your business. Perhaps best of all, you are setting a positive example by showcasing how your manufacturing processes, your labeling practices, or both, adhere to the standards set forth by federal organizations, environmental groups, and customers alike.

Interested in learning more about how your company can make the switch to sustainable labels? Contact Royal Label to discuss the options for sustainable labels for your eco-friendly products.

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